Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vintage Guide to Liverpool: Lili Bizarre

As part of my Vintage Guide, I intend to do a write-up on each of the Vintage Shops I've listed. I'm going to cover all sorts of stuff, including of course what type of vintage they stock, but also little details like the music they play etc. to give you more of a feel for the place. First up is Lili Bizarre, on Hardman Street:
Lili Bizarre
Lili Bizarre Shop Front - Source
I'm lucky enough to work near Lili Bizarre, so I often pop in bnefore work or during my lunchbreak. Lili Bizarre is actually a Fancy Dress Shop, but it has a dedicated vintage area at the front of the shop selling both men's and women's vintage clothing and accessories. The stock is left over from when they used to be a vintage shop and once they've sold it, they won't get any more in. Although I have been told there are a few more boxes of stock in storage and they've even promised to ring me when they put it out - how nice is that?
Women's Vintage Rail at Lili Bizarre
The staff are super-friendly and helpful and there's a whole army of them so you're never kept waiting. I've even been late for work once or twice because we've been chatting. The shop itself is always clean and tidy and I don't know what they use to wash their stock but it smells amazing - the whole shop is scented with it and you even get a waft sometimes as you pass the door. Their vintage certainly never smells vintage! They also have a good few changing rooms (6 I think), which is great.
Men's Shirts at Lili Bizarre
Music-wise they play up-beat stuff, mainly from the 1960s and 70s I think, and I never find it intrusive. When we were in taking these photos they had the Beatles on :)
Now, onto the stock itself! I really love the vintage they stock here - it's always excellent quality and I've bought beautiful dresses here that I've never seen the like of anywhere else and for great prices. They have a good mix of 1950s-1980s, with the odd earlier item and they have a whole heap of fab 1960s/70s mini-dresses as well as some gorgeous maxis.
1960s and 70s Minidresses - £15 each
They also stock items that I think of as quite hard to find such as vintage trousers:
Trousers and Blazers at Lili Bizarre
And they stock some accessories too, including 1960s/70s tights, which are another thing I don't come across too often.

Acessories, including Mary Quant tights, Bags, Gloves and Cummerbunds. (The rail on the right is fancy dress stock.)

I picked out some of my favourite items to show you:

Early Underskirt - £15 (I did actually try this on once but it did nothing for me.)

1950s Dress - £35

1950s Dress - £20 (has a little damage)
1950s Dress - £30
1950s Cocktail Dress - £25
1960s Minidress - £15

1960s Minidress - £15
1960s Minidress - £15

Awesome Disco Trousers - £7.50
I've bought quite a few items from Lili Bizarre since March (when I discovered they sold vintage - oh the treasures I must have missed!), including my beautiful 'Monet' dress and the gorgeous-but-teeny floral dress I bought recently. I've also had 2 more lovely 1950s dresses from them, 2 pretty vintage blouses and some fabulous 1970s platforms - all of which have yet to be shown on the blog.

Handy Cut-Out-and-Keep Guide to Lili Bizarre
Do they sell both Men’s and Women’s Vintage? Yes
What accessories do they sell? Bags (£5), Shoes (from £10), Gloves (£5), Cummerbunds (£3) and Tights.
Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Eras Represented: 1950s-1980s with a couple of earlier pieces
Cheapest Item of clothing? Disco Trousers pictured above - £7.50
Most expensive item of clothing? 1970s Velvet Cape - £55 (which I forgot to photograph)
Will they lend you a tape measure? Yes, I've borrowed one on occasion
Lili Bizarre
12 Hardman Street
L1 9AX

Opening Hours:

Monday - 9.30-18.00
Tuesday - 9.30-17.30
Wednesday - 9.30-20.00
Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 9.30-17.30

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 709 8159

Email: lilibizarre@googlemail.com

Website: www.lilibizarre.com


Facebook Page

Notes: I just have to add that in the run-up to Hallowe'en, Lili Bizarre put away their vintage and replace it with Fancy Dress stock as it's (obviously) their busiest time of year. So don't visit in October or the first two weeks of November for vintage.

I hope you're finding this guide useful and please do go to Lili's if you're ever in Liverpool - it's one of my favourite vintage places.
I'm going to leave you with this:
The most eighties dress ever? I forgot to check how much it was
Sweet Dreams,

Nikki x

P.S. I thought I'd better add that none of my Vintage Guide posts are sponsored in any way - no freebies, no discounts etc.


  1. Oh sweet I am just in love with the floral 50's dress. What a fabulous shop. Thank you so much for featuring it. Wow.
    Love v

    1. You're very welcome. I know, that dress is so pretty. I've been tempted by it, but it's too small I think :(


  2. I'll have that printed 1960s mini dress and the floral one underneath it please! x

    1. I love the patterns and colours on both of those dresses - they're fab!

  3. O,wow,a great post! They should be giving you a discount for such great advertising!! That last frock is HILARIARSEHOLE!!!! OMG.
    There's some sweeties there....o, yes!

    1. Thanks. You've just reminded me I should put a disclaimer to say they're not sponsored posts...

      I know, I can't believe that frock was actually designed, let alone made. I'm trying to imagine what the original wearer/owner was like now :)


  4. They have some great stock. Bizarrely, despite all those gorgeous frocks, I am drawn to the 70s sparkly trousers! xxxxx

  5. I love your blog..now i follow you please follow back?? xoxo ari

  6. Hello Nikki:
    Lili Bizarre looks like an absolute treasure trove of a place. We are not at all surprised that you have been late to work following a visit to the store, indeed, we are amazed that you managed to turn up at work at all with so much to occupy one's time!

    It is so good when vintage shops take the time and trouble to make sure that the stock is fresh and clean. That does make all the difference in tempting one to buy. We have very little knowledge of Liverpool, last visiting for the Garden Festival many many years ago,but it does seem to have brightened itself up amazingly since then.

    We have found you quite by chance from Sian Lile and have been enchanted by your lively blog. We have signed up as Followers to keep in touch!

    1. Thank you - it took me a long time to work up the courage to start this blog, so I'm always glad to hear it's appreciated.

      The Garden Festival site has re-opened this year, but I've not been yet. There's definitely been a big change in Liverpool over the last few years - lots of new buildings in the city centre and what not.


  7. Hi Nikki, I'm new to your blogs and I'm really enjoying reading them. I'm from New Brighton but I live in Scotland now so it's great to be able to see what's happening in Liverpool these days. I read your blog about the various vintage shops in the area and there's so many new ones, but I remember the big Oxfam shop very well, it was near my work so I was in there a lot! Looking forward to following you and reading more of your blogs. xx

    1. Thank you very much! I think quite a few of the shops have opened in the last few years. I used to love how the Oxfam was before it was an Oxfam Original. It had so many more clothes and was so cheap - everything had a set price - dresses were £2.99. It's still really cheap now of course, but not £2.99 cheap :)


  8. Gasp at the eighties dress. Great post. :)