Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Treasure-Hunting

Sometimes I get such an epic haul from treasure-hunting that I want to do an evil laugh. Today was one of those days... MUA HA HA HA HAAAA!
Do you ever feel like that? No, just me? OK.
I took my trusty wheely-bag Dot down to the charity shops and just look what I got!

(If these photos look rushed - it's because they are. I hadn't realised how creased that sheet was either.)

1950s Maths Textbooks
I've mentioned before that I love old educational books - and how lovely are these? The lady in the charity shop told me these were same books as the ones she'd used at school.

More Vintage Maths Textbooks
The Essentials of School Algebra on the left is from 1956, Elementary Geometry is from 1942 and Higher School Revision Mathematics is from 1946.

That Fast Miss Blount and The Facemaker
That Fast Miss Blount I bought because of the name and the interesting cover. It turns out it's from 1903! I'm going to assume it's super-rare and worth millions as it's not on BookFinder. The Facemaker I picked up because of the weird 1950s cover (obviously). It's about cosmetic surgery if you didn't get that. I was flicking through it before and got all excited because I saw the word Liverpool... simple things...

Vintage Ladybird Books
I also got quite a few Ladybirds - these ones are all matte and I don't think I've had any of these ones before. I haven't dated any of them yet, but I guess late 70s and 80s.

More Vintage Ladybird Books
These ones are all matte apart from The First Day of the Holidays, which is gloss.

1980s Ladybird Books
These Ladybird books are all gloss covers and date from the 1980s. Yet more He-Man - I'm seeing a lot of him of late. I actually don't remember picking up the Teddy Ruxpin one...

Masters of the Universe and Bambi Books
Even more He-Man! The Bambi book I'm sure I had as a child. It's not in the best nick, but has lovely illustrations so I might do something crafty with them.

One of the illustrations from Bambi
See? Aren't the illustrations sweet?

Enid Blyton Books
I also got a load of Enid Blyton books. They're mostly modern, but I can't resist the illustrations on the covers and they remind me of being a kid.

More Enid Blyton Books
Even more Enid Blyton Books!
I love the colours in these illustrations!

Inky Black and Richard Scarry's Things to Know
Inky Black I bought because I remember my Nan had some of these books at her house that I used to read as a child - there are a few different characters based on blobs of colour. I remember she had Royal Blue. They were printed in the early 80s and I bought this out of sheer nostalgia and I just like Richard Scarry's illustrations.

The Shops by India Knight
I got this for A's mum as she really like's India Knight's thrifty/lifestyle books.

Can you believe that was all from one shop? Unsurprisingly, it's my favourite one!

The Forbidden Castle, Paddington at Large and The Wind in the Willows
At the next-but-one shop, I got these three books. I got The Forbidden Castle one to go with the other 'Choose your own Adventure' books I got the other week - they were in a different shop though. Paddington at Large dates from 1970 and I just loved the cover. The Wind in the Willows I also picked up for it's sweet cover and it dates from 1947.

In the next shop I also got three books:

1950s Heidi Book
How utterly lovely is this 1959 edition of Heidi? Such a darling cover! I know the story a bit but I've never actually read it. What I also love about this copy is that it has provided some info about the illustrator on the back cover:

Back Cover - Artist Pelagie Doane
Sorry it's not very clear - A is away at the moment so I'm taking all my own photos again. It should be readable if you click the picture to embiggen it. The Artist is Pelagie Doane - I'll have to look her up when I get chance.

Vintage Meteorology Textbook
I also got this fab vintage textbook from 1963 because the cover is ace.

Living in Castle Times
I got this because Usborne Books remind me of being a kid - I used to love looking for the quirky details in the illustrations.

And from the same shop I also got this:

1970s Coffee Table
Hurrah! We can replace that rubbish Ikea coffee table. I was saying to A literally just the other day that I wanted to get a vintage coffee table  instead of the Ikea one and this was £3.99! I spotted it as soon as I got in the shop and gave A a ring and sent him a photo on my phone to see if I should get it. I find it's always a good idea to check with A when buying not only items of furniture, but weird, brown items of furniture that may not appeal to everyone because sometimes it's a fine line between "So bad it's good" and "so bad it's upsetting me, get it out of the house". Luckily he liked it, so I paid up, dropped my books off at the flat and came back to pick it up and heft it up the road to our flat (I love living 2 minutes from Charity Shops for so many reasons!). It's pretty heavy with those tiles but it wasn't too bad. 

When I got in, I hoovered the whole flat and was surprised to find that our carpets aren't dust-coloured with a cat hair motif - who knew? I also tidied the bedroom, Living Room and Spare Room a little and cleaned the Kitchen (it's now so clean you could prepare a meal in it!) and Bathroom and in between made miso soup for the first time.

Miso Soup on new Coffee Table
I'm quite proud of this photo - and look the table matches our 1970s cutlery too! (More to come on vintage cutlery soon.) The soup was quite nice too and I have more to take for lunch tomorrow. I am super-domesticated... except for the ironing, I still haven't ironed. It's getting to a dangerous level.

I also managed to (finally) finish Part One of my Vintage Guide which will be posted tomorrow - it's scheduled and everything (9am). 

I feel like f*cking Wonderwoman today! Most productive day I've had in ages. (I swear like a trooper in real life by the way, but I always feel reticent to do it on the blog. I guess because posts are more considered, so it feels a bit wrong, whereas I usually swear when I'm passionate, emphatic or wound up about something.)

Hope you've had some great treasures recently and if you're thinking of Treasure-Hunting around my way in the next couple of days, I really wouldn't bother. Mua ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa! (Just kidding!)

If you've read this far, thank you and well done!

Love you, now time for bed.
Nikki x

P.S. Dot the wheely-bag looks like this. Not the cheapest, but she's so pretty and is worth her wait in treasure! Also she was the only bag that I liked  - a lot of the othere were too weirdly coloured or granny-ish.


  1. Oh my! Children's book heaven! I used to have The Princess & The Pea and Five Little Kittens. I reckon they're probab;y late 70's or early 80's. I have also picked up some of the Enid Blyton ones on my travels. I can't resist children's books. What a haul x

    1. I can't resist them either - som many lovely illustrations and usually memories too.

      Nikki x

  2. Wow what an excellent little haul! Got a bunch of old Enid Blyton's books at my grandparents from when I was little :) x

    1. There's a stack of Enid Blytons in my Mum and Dad's loft, but they belong to both my sister and I and so are hard to divide up. I read so many as a kid.

      Nikki x

  3. Goodness, what a lot of lovely things! That table is wonderful, I saw one left out for the rubbish once but had no way of getting it home (I was seventeen miles away) and also no room. I also had that copy of 'The Princess and The Frog' but my nan gave it to my sister. I love your wheelie bag!

    1. Thanks! What a shame about the table, I hate when that happens. I was at a car boot once and saw a fab 50s shelving unit for a fiver but it was too big to fit in the car. Gutted.

      Also, sisters and ownership of things can be very tricky. There are all sorts of things that I swear belong to me and my sister swears belong to her or that we own jointly. I'm so tempted to dig out my old toys and stuff now...

      Nikki x

  4. I love your table, I keep seeing the same one at car boot sales but I don't think there's a corner left in the house to shoe horn it in, unfortunately! What a brilliant price, it would have been a crime not to have it! x

  5. I know, it was a bargain and it was reduced from £5.99. It'd be so much more at a Vintage Fair. My mum had a similar one when I was growing up.

    We're at our limit for furniture too which is a crying shame because I keep seeing cheap 50s drinks cabinets and display cabinets that I *need* and there's nowhere to put them. You'll know the ones I mean - all glass-fronted with mad gold designs on.

    Nikki x

  6. Hi Nikki,
    I'm behind on my blog reading and see that you have been very, very busy! Incredible haul of books there and I love the brown tiled coffee table. I don't drive and have done my fair share of lugging furniture through the neighborhood. I've even had people stop and offer to give me a ride because they think, "Why is that crazy woman carrying something obviously too heavy for her." But you're so lucky to live close to the charity shops.