Monday, 6 August 2012


Today, for the first time in weeks I made it to a Car Boot sale and I didn't do too badly at all. The one I went to isn't on all that often but I have a bit of a soft spot for it as the first time I ever went I got a 1970s Sun Lounger (£3!), a vintage print, a load of Grindley Petalware and Johnson Brothers ware, a few vintage Ladybird books, a vintage tray and some vintage storage boxes - all for around £11. I might even have gotten more things but I can't really remember. It was epic.

Anyway, here's what I got today:

Meakin Jug and 3 Bowls - £1
Yes, that is our couch used as a background - it looks ace with the new throws on.
I love Meakin Pottery. This pattern is called Topic and I already have a couple of pieces... somewhere. I've definitely got a cup at any rate.

Mark and Mandy Helping Mother - 20p
Look at those colours! And those tights! This was 20p, so there was no way it wasn't coming home with me. The illustrations look quite 1960s, but it must have been published later as there's an ISBN number on the back cover.

This is the endpaper
I love pretty endpapers and this one is adorable. I want her outfit!

These last few items were all from the same seller and I paid £7 for the lot:

Irish Linen Tea Towel
Isn't this weird? I don't really have anymore to say about it than that. I think at some point I'll frame it up.
3 Pairs of Clip-on Earrings, Matching Bracelet and Necklace and a Russian Doll Brooch

I don't really do clip-on earrings - I find them quite painful to wear. I have a lovely set of 1950s clip-ons that I never wear because they've been known to give me headaches. I had to get these ones though because they're all amazing. And huge. The little leaf ones are Mother of Pearl. The Russian Doll brooch is so cute and the necklace and bracelet were just so sweet and sparkly :)

Big Pastel Doily and Little Pansy Doily
 Now I don't actually have any doilies on display in our flat and I have no idea where I'm going to put all these but they were all too fantastic for me not to buy them. I love the colours in these two and the pretty pansies.

Doily with Gold and Silver Embroidered Palm Trees - gold looks much brighter in real life
 I hope you know I love kitsch by now. This has gold palm trees on it. Enough said I think.

Sheer Doily with Pandas

Do I need to explain this one?
Also, at the Boot Fair I saw lots of Portugal Souvenir items and more Margaret Atwood books - I'm being followed again!

More Treasure Hunting planned for tomorrow - yay!


Nikki x


  1. O,my,what a haul!
    I adore doilies, and have a small collection...but I can't stand them when displayed!I do,however,like sewing them on garments,although I haven't done that in years!And I once saw a great scarf made of lots of them sewn together!
    The clip ons are fabulous!Miss Talullah Porchop did a post recently on converting them to pierced!I have a pile of them,and must do that,as they are incredibly painful....but I do feel uber glamourous in them!
    I love your couch,I love the Meakin,and I'm quite excited about that unusual teatowel!!!

  2. Lovely finds. I do like a nice bit of Meakin..that's a good price. It's going for daft money at vintage fairs. I always convert my clip ons if I can as life's hard enough withoout lobe agonies! I reckon those could be converted without too much aggro.
    Those doilies are sweet..great sewn on to cushion fronts.

  3. You did well! I can't resist 1960-70s kids books with lovely illustartions either. And those doilies and tray cloths are very appealing, but it is hard to know quite what to do with them without looking like your granny's house!
    The jewellery is beautiful and the peacock tea towel is wonderful, definitely worthy of being framed! xxxxx

  4. Your suggestions are always inspiring.

  5. Wow! I'm lusting over that peacock tea towel, what a beauty! xxx

  6. Hi Nikki,
    I just found your blog via Lakota's Ta-Dah Tuesday post (of 2 weeks ago, I know). That peacock tea towel is a stellar find! Good for you. I was reading your older posts and love seeing all of your finds. I collected at a mad pace in my 20s and 30s, but have had to slow down as I just don't have anymore room (hopefully, you won't reach that point for a few decades).
    Like you, I have a partner named "A", am veg, and I don't drive (if I did my buying would really be out of control, so maybe it's for the best). I'm glad to have found your blog and enjoy seeing the kitties.

    1. Thank you so much! I've already got quite a large collection, but most of it is stored away (A can't handle too much clutter so I have to be careful). If I drove myself it would definitely be worse, it's bad enough that there are so many charity shops within walking distance.

      Nikki x

  7. Thanks everyone! It should be really easy to convert the earrings, I've already got some Araldite hanging about so I'd just need new posts. I thought it was just me that found them uncomfortable!

    I now what you mean about doilies - they are so twee. I'll find something to do with them but I'm not sure what. Sewing them onto cushion covers is a great idea but I think A might move out if I bring one more cushion into the flat! Sewing them onto clothes is also a fab suggestion - they'd look good sewn onto the front of ballet pumps too I think.

    The Meakin was a complete bargain - I've got quite a bit in various patterns and never paid very much for it. I never see Meakin at vintage fairs - but I find homeware generally is almost completely ignored at Liverpool events.

    I'll definitely keep a look out for similar tea towels for you all too!

    Nikki x