Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Charity Shopping Jaunt

Yesterday A took me out to some of our favourite Charity Shops that lie further afield. I always get excited to go to theses ones as I usually do quite well and I've had some amazing stuff from them. It was also a chance to break in our new SatNav that A thinks we got for general use but which I know we got for the express purpose of getting to new Treasure-Hunting grounds. We even got to a couple of Charity Shops that we hadn't found before, but we did miss out on one of the best ones due to us running out of time.

Anyway, here's my haul:

Horrockses Pillowcases from the 1970s
These pillowcases were the first things I picked up - aren't they fab? Weirdly, I'd just been doing a little research into Horrockses the other day.

Here's a close-up of the photo because I think it's odd - she's opening a present

I also got more vintage pillowcases:

Brown Floral 1970s Pillowcases

It was quite a good day for textiles as I also got this tablecloth:

Vintage Tablecloth with Embroidery
I'm not sure of the age of this but it's really sweet and it just about the right size for the awful Ikea coffee table you saw in Sunday's doily pictures.

And I got this... sheet?:
Floral Vintage Sheet - Top

At first I thought it was another tablecloth, but when I opened it up it's more like a sheet. It seems too small to be a sheet though - definitely smaller than a single. It's rectangular and the pattern starts off small then gets bigger towards the bottom. It has a border at either end too which is why I thought it was a tablecloth at first.

Floral Vintage Sheet - Bottom
It's sweet though - the pattern would look good as a maxi skirt but there isn't enough material I don't think.

Next up is some glassware, shot glasses to be exact (apologies for the naff photos):
Vintage Shot Glasses
 There are 6 of these, they're so sweet.

Chunky Floral Shot Glasses
There are four of these, I love the Autumnal colours.

Art Deco Bowl by British Anchor
Continuing the Homeware theme I also got two of these pretty little Art Deco bowls made by British Anchor who I don't know anything about. They're a bit worn but pretty enough to get away with it!
Vintage Knitting Pattern

I think this lovely lady dates from the 1960s, I always pick up vintage patterns if I find them - apart from them being interesting in an everyday vintage fashion kind of way, I love the photography on the patterns. I own a lot of patterns.

Lastly books! If you haven't noticed yet, I love books and have a serious problem.

QI Book of Advanced Banter - only 50p
A and I both love QI - this is a book of quotations and has found a place on our "Dippy-Into Bookshelf" (yes, we own a bookshelf comprised mainly of interesting books you can just "Dip Into" and read as much or as little as you like).
Going Postal (50p) and I Shall Wear Midnight (also 50p?) by Terry Pratchett
We also both love Terry Pratchett (and his books). We only got into them a couple of years ago and have managed to get most of the books second hand. We are still missing a few though and one of these was I Shall Wear Midnight, although we have the first three in the Tiffany Aching series. It's not the most pristine copy, but that doesn't matter - because we tend to pay so little for most of our books, we don't mind buying a better copy and donating the older one. We already have Going Postal in paperback but this is a hardback (it has nice endpapers).

So that was yesterday's haul. I went charity shopping again today but I'll post about that tomorrow (I can't help it I seem to be having good luck at the moment).

Speaking of being followed, I'm seeing a lot of old wooden squash and tennis rackets about in the Charity Shops and Car Boots at the moment - maybe it's because I saw someone mention them on a blog recently (I forget who), so I've noticed them more.

Ooh, and I'll link up to Ta-Dah Tuesday! as well!

Night night,

Nikki x


  1. Lovely! I am a sucker for vintage fabrics/linens and 1950s glassware too, so I am impressed by your treasures. Don't you just love it when the charity shop gods provide?!
    I have a lot of knitting patterns too, the photos are great, especially the ones featuring men and/or families. Ripe for rude captions usually!

  2. Oh me too!!!!! Just can't leave any vintage pieces of linen behind in a op shop!!!!!!
    The glasses are fabulous.
    Yay to success treasure hunts.
    Love v

  3. 30s ceramics AND 50s glass?! Where are these mythical charity shops? I'm quite fond of vintage pillowcases too but my husband is less keen on flowers adorning everything.

    I wonder why Horrockses woman adopted such a strange position for her present opening? All the better to show off her long arms I suppose.

    Great haul!

  4. That bedding is absolutely gorgeous. That sheet would make a fab maxi but also an equally cute mini dress or tunic top. You did strike gold, I think I'll have to come with you next time! x

  5. Wow, I am super jealous of your vintage linen, especially those blue floral pillow cases. I am a sucker for retro floral bedding and always pick it up whenever I see it. I've never been lucky enough to find any unopened though. No wonder I didn't find anything in the charity shops today - you've cleared them out! ;) x

  6. Ta Dah HURRAH!
    Another fab haul!
    I was lent,briefly,a wonderful book about Horrockses the other week!It had some awesome pix,and that was how I found out they did bed linens...and then you go and find some pillowcases!Lovely!All the linens rock my world!I have a similar wee tablecloth,somewhere...
    I love Terry Pratchett,especially the witches!Haven't read any of his work for years!Must rectify that!

  7. That's a tasty haul. I do like a Seventies sheet too...I never used to care much for the patterns, probably because I grew up surrounded by them, but I have become very fond of them over the last couple of years. They always look great made up in to clothes. The glassware is gorgeous too.xxx

  8. Thanks all. I have quite a collection of vintage bed linen - including a fair bit of the St Michaels floral linen (you know the stuff - everyone has it). I really need to have a sort out and sell some as there are a few pieces which don't get used.

    The same goes for the glasses, I think I need to have a sort out af all my treasures (huge job)!

    Nikki x