Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Car Boot Treasure

On Sunday, I did a Car Boot fair with my Dad - he was hoping to shift some of my Nan's stuff from when we cleared her house and I was hoping to get rid of some (non-vintage) books.

After paying for half the pitch I made a measly £2 profit before the heavens opened and we had to pack up quick sharp. My Dad did better but I think he only made about £20.

My main reason for going was of course to buy stuff. I usually do well at this particular boot fair, but hadn't managed to get there this year so far. I didn't go to it last year either so I was expecting lots of treasure from my first visit in over a year.

Well I didn't get much. I went round once, starting before they let the public in and had to play a game of 'Stay-One-Stall-Ahead-of-the-Vintage-Dealer' for some of it. Unfortunately I only spotted her as she was coming to our stall, so she'd done most of the other stalls by then and maybe that's why I didn't do too well.

Anyway, I got these:

Vintage Wall Plaque - £2

Vintage Wall Pocket - £2
These two ladies are pretty chipped/scuffed but they're so fab and kitsch I couldn't leave them behind. The lady with the hat is a wall pocket, with her hat being open at the top. The first lady was made in Italy and the second in England.

I also got this lovely children's book which I'm going to guess is from the 40s/50s (please feel free to correct me):

Time Goes By Book - £1.50

It has a few short stories in with lovely illustrations:

Illustrations from 'May-Bell's Gifts'
 And it has some vivid colour plates too:

Colour Plate for 'Happy Days'
Not a big haul but I'm happy and it's worthy of a Ta-dah I think, so I'm going to link up to Lakota's Ta-Dah Tuesday too!

Nikki x


  1. I'd die of excitement if I found those wall pockets, I used to have some years ago and left them behind moving flats. They are stunning!
    I do love doing a boot sale, at lest you made a tiny profit and hopefully cleared a bit of space for more fab finds! x

  2. I love your ladies, aren't they fabulous?!
    Can't go wrong with old kids books, the illustrations are wonderful. xx

  3. What a thoroughly wonderful score - and price - on those wall plaques. I recently bought a trio of cute vintage chalkware bluebirds and paid about $20.00 (Canadian) for them, which I thought was a good deal these days. This was the bargain of the year for sure!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ooh, I'd love some bluebirds and that was a great price - I'm jealous!

  4. Darl,that wall plaque and pocket are to DIE for!So beautiful!
    I tend to prefer my vintage scuffed!
    Shame you didn't do well,but at least you scored well! I loathe selling,it traumatises me!!! I did a stall last yeat at a market and whilst it was ok,and I did have a good day,I'm just not the selling type!

  5. The charming wall pockets and book are definitely worthy of a ta-dah. I've been having yard sales and I just like the social aspect at times. Always have a lot of colorful characters stop by my yard sale. I hope you had an entertaining clientele visiting your stall.

  6. Well done on nabbing those beauties for a few quid and to getting in before the dealer. If she'd got 'em she'd have whacked the price up for sure. I like that they are a bit scruffy too...it's part of their history I always think! xxx

  7. Oh the ladies are fab! And of course I would have nabbed the annual for that price too, I collect them and would concur with your guess at dates x

  8. Love it.I absolutely love vintage books. I live in the town where Harriet Beecher Stowe lived with her husband ( I saw that you found uncle tom's cabinin your previous post.) So Much fun. I'm your newest follower and I cant wait to keep reading!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it - I'm really enjoying writing it too :)