Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Little Bit of Treasure

I managed to convince A to get out of bed early this morning to go to the car boot before work. There were a few less stalls today because the ground was wet and this site is prone to the most enormous puddles. It was still busy, but I didn't get much.

1970s Tin
I got this vintage tin, which needs a good clean. Not really sure what I'm going to do with it, but I love the pattern.

Rainbow Brite Jigsaw
I also got this 1980s Rainbow Brite Jigsaw which I will probably sell, unless my sister snaffles it. I actually did this before to check it was complete.

Aaand I got this:
1970s Dressmaking Encyclopedia - 50p
You've probably seen this book around - it must have been quite popular as I've seen a few copies before myself. I've also got the Golden Hands Handicrafts Book, which I mentioned here. I actually bought this to sell as I was convinced I already had it, but I don't, so I'm keeping it.
Here are some fabulous pictures from the book:
I love these kids' coats (made from real Muppet Skin)

This dress is amazing, but I'm not convinced on the collar. Also the cape/dress in the background is fantastic!

Love this and I really want a quilted circle skirt for winter

Such a campy photo!
Hope you've had some good finds this weekend, or good luck for tomorrow if you're car-booting on the Bank Holiday. Normally on a Bank Holiday Monday I'd be off to the Frodsham Car Boots, but I have to work - boo!

Nikki x


  1. OMG the frock with the cape is DIVINE!!!
    I adore the tin,and have quite a weakness for retro tins.I have 5,I think,3 of which are a set....I should probably show them off sometime!
    YAY for good scores,yet again.You're certainly on a roll,doll!XXX

  2. LOVE the cape/frock. The tin is absolutely gorgeous. I have almost the full collection of Golden Hands mags - they are treasures! Sarah xxx

  3. *Has rainbow brite theme song playing in my head.* *lol*
    I WANT A MUPPET SKIN COAT!! *seriously*

    1. Me too! They look so warm for the winter as well :)


  4. I have the Golden Hands book and it is a proper treasure, it's really useful. Looking at it, those kids in their handmade coats look brilliant, proper stylish.
    Love the tin too. The pattern would make a great needlepoint design.

  5. who knew you lot 'treasure' those Golden Hands books, I can't be bothered even selling them!!

  6. I love Golden hands books and mags, the instructions are ridiculously complicated but the clothes are just glorious!! That tin is a beauty, I love it! x

  7. The tin is very charming. I have a ton of tins and wish I had room for more.

    Vintage dressmaking books are priceless. I have one from every decade from the 40s on. I wonder if those coats are made from wild or farmed Muppets. The woman in the black leotard looks like she's about to punch that guy. He looks a bit fearful as well he should. Jealous of the prices you're paying. At my local charity shop, hardcover books are $3!

  8. That handicraft book is a real gem!

  9. ooh I was given some golden hands magazines for my birthday - they're rather wonderful - I want one of those giant maxi skirts xx