Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Blue Dress for the Blues

You know those weeks where everything is just a bit pants? Well this week has been one of those and I've spent most of it grumpy and moaning (which is why it's been a bit quiet around here - sorry).

Yesterday was a particularly bad day, but it was brightened considerably by me treating myself to this beauty on the way home (yes I am that shallow):

1950s Blue Spotty Dress - £35, Pop Boutique Bold Street

Detail of Dress
Isn't it lovely? I love blue and I'm getting quite a collection of blue vintage dresses. I also love polka dots and I really need some more dresses with sleeves, so this was quite a find.

Although I adore blue, my absolute favourite colour is purple, with green coming in a close second. I own a couple of green 50s dresses but I've yet to find a purple one. There was a darling white 1950s dress with purple flowers in the same shop, which is probably the first purpley dress I've seen, but it was too small. Bah - the hunt continues!

Today I'm feeling a bit better - I managed to get quite a bit done on my Vintage Guide, but I keep making it more complicated and giving myself more to do, so it's taking longer!

I need to catch up with everyone else's blogs too, but that will have to wait until tomorrow as I can hardly keep my eyes open. I have been reading, but not commenting much. I didn't get much sleep last night because Her Loonyness was out until 5.45am and I had to keep an ear out to let her back in and I also had lots of weird dreams.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to involve a trip to town to the Vintage Shops (for research, you understand), which is going to be difficult as I'm quite skint. Or I might just stay in bed and ignore the mountain of housework I have to do. Ho hum.

Hope that wasn't too whiney and that your weeks have been better.


Nikki x


  1. Ignoring housework is always a good idea!
    I think everyone has off days/weeks, and you are allowed a grump if that's how you feel! A cute vintage frock is an ideal remedy, and that one looks perfect for cheering up a vintage loving' gal!
    Hope your research and guide writing go well. xxx

  2. O,yes indeed,I know what those weeks are like!!
    Retail therapy is just the ticket,and your new frock is DIVOON!
    Ha,my loonyness,aka Peepers,came in at some godforsaken hour clamouring to get into bed with me.Ugh,cuddling up to wet cat isn't pleasant,but I'd rather that than have her still out and about!
    Definetly ignore that housework!

  3. I hope you feel better xxx
    That dress is glorious! I too love polka dots.

  4. That is such a pretty dress, please wear it so we can admire how lovely you look in it!
    What is it with cats at the moment? Stephen had me up at 5.15am on Friday, that's just rude! x

  5. Thanks everyone - I'm feeling much better now. It's gotten to the point ehre I can't ignore the housework any longer or I would :)

    Cats are such monsters sometimes!

    Nikki x

  6. That dress is so cheery! I hope that once you have it on and are looking fabulous it'll be hard to stay in a funk.
    Oh no, don't remind me of what a pain a cat can be. I have one coming to my flat on Sunday for a 2-week visit. I better get plenty of sleep now!

  7. Hi Nikki and thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm just about to show the piece of jewellery I kept from that motherlode last week btw, tell me what you think. Hope you're feeling better soon, I suggest doing the housework while dressed in vintage, less practical I know but definitely more glamorous. Purple 50s dress post coming up soon!

  8. That's a very cute dress, nice buy!