Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

So I've mentioned I have a stockroom full of stuff to sell. What you might not have realised is that it is actually bursting at the seams. Not only do I keep adding finds to it and not putting them away properly but it has become a bit of a dumping ground for stuff we haven't found a place for and stuff that's supposed to be taken to the charity shop. We tend to just shove stuff in there, shut the door and forget about it. We don't spend any time in here so it can get out of hand. I think this is the worst it's been though. Last night it looked like this:

Before: Computer Desk
This is where I will eventually be listing my stuff on Etsy/eBay etc. but at the moment the computer isn't working. Our main computer is in the Living Room. We were given two bedside cabinets recently but couldn't work out where to put this one, so it got shoved in here and now holds recent Charity Shop finds as well as all our odd electrical leads, a box of crystals that used to live on a shelf next to my side of the bed until I got sick of the cats knocking them off and a weird 70s candleholder I bought years ago but don't use and don't have a place for. The pictures in the corner are waiting to be hung by A when he gets chance.

Before: Stock Shelves
Aaaaaallll of that stuff on the main shelves is to sell - except for the books on the top shelf of the very right-hand bookcase which are all reference books to do with vintage and collectables. These include, for example, Miller's Guides, books on different eras, books about pottery manufacturers (Meakin, Midwinter etc.), collector's guides and so on and so forth.

The big tub you can see contains vintage buttons and the dark blue box with Claudia on it is a set of six glasses to commemorate Charles and Diana's wedding. They belonged to my Nan. They are awful.

One of the pink spotty boxes contains vintage dressmaking patterns and sewing parephernalia, the other one contains stuff for doing stalls - display stands, labels, carrier bags, money box etc.

The blue spotty boxes contain lots of padded envelopes and if you can't tell those are rolls of bubblewrap on top.

Before: Clothes Rail Corner

Most of these clothes are to sell, some are overspill from my wardrobe. Under the clothes I keep vintage textiles - bed linen mostly and a few tea towels as well as some curtains. There's also a plastic set of drawers wedged in behind the table that contains packing supplies such as tissue paper, mail bags, brown paper etc. The mannequin is called Betty. The card thing is a 'Make your Own Haunted House' kit for kids that A and I did months ago and now have nowhere to put as it takes up so much room. It may end up being recycled :s.  The rest of the stuff on the table is stuff I have yet to find a home for. Underneath the table is more stock in boxes and a garment steamer.

Before: Mess!
This corner is a result of me having to empty my mending bag to use the bag for something else, recent purchases, things being knocked of shelves by cats and stuff we are taking to the charity shop but had to stick in here for some reason. The boxes are mostly full of stock. I think a couple are empty. The photos I picked up from the Auction House are behind A's tripod and the thing in the bottom left corner is my wheely-bag, now named Dot. There are three bookcases on this side of the room containing most of our books. One bookcase is A's, the two you see here are mine. Hippy/New age books are on the left-hand bookcase, Arts/Crafts/Creative books are on the right and there are a few shelves of fiction at the top.

You can see why I wanted to get this sorted ASAP!

Anyway, now it looks like this (btw I don't know why I took the first lot of photos portrait and the second lot landscape, I just did):

After: Computer Desk
Much cleaner now I've actually found a home for everything. Some of the stuff had been there for months. The drawers contain stuff like tape, labels, pens, scissors, little plastic sealy bags etc. for packing and posting items. Also the digital scales are placed handy for weighing items when listing. The corkboard has all vintage-related flyers and business card on it. I love that cat picture!
Vintage Ladybirds
I didn't change much on the shelves but I thought you might like a close up of what's on them now I can get to them. This bookcase houses vintage childrens' books on the bottom four shelves and the top shelf (the one you can just see at the top of this pic) houses my reference books. These two shelves hold only vintage Ladybirds. I counted and I now have 280 vintage Ladybirds to sell as well as 4 large format Ladybirds (three of which are the yellow-spined books you can see on the computer desk. I also have another 10 which are too damaged to sell and will be used in some sort of crafty endeavour.
Vintage Children's Books
These are all vintage children's books dating from the 1930s to the 1980s including Score Annuals, educational books, Bancroft Classics, vintage Puffin Books and lots of Enid Blyton books. Also two rolls of vintage wallpaper and a flour/sugar sifter from my own collection which I will probably sell.
A fair amount of the pottery you see here is from my own collection that I've decided to sell - the blue and red floral Taunton Vale Ware at the top right for example and nearly all of the glasses were my Nan's. I've never really gotten into collecting glass - I find it hard to date and identify. I do have quite a lot of vintage shot glasses in different colours though. When I was in Uni I used to keep them on the windowsill of my room in halls and the light would shine through them making a stained glass effect and casting coloured shadows on the sill and sometimes the floor. I've also got a few big coloured brandy glasses at my Mum and Dad's which are amazing!
More Ceramics and Books!
 The Mary Quant-Style Teapot is from my own collection as are the large Midwinter Tureen and bowl underneath. The books on the lower shelf are mainly factual books - including Ballet Annuals, books about the Royals/ Coronation etc. and there are also vintage cookery and craft books. The pink and purple files contain vintage recipe booklets/pamphlets and knitting/crochet patterns and craft booklets. The shelf above is stuff that's been bought more recently and not been sorted so is a bit of a mix.

After: Clothes Rail Corner
 Again, not much change - I just compacted it all a bit.

Under the table (with Juno)
I didn't change anything here, I just thought I'd show you underneath the table. Nearly all of those tightly-packed boxes contain stock - mostly ceramics as well as some books for a Car Boot (if we ever get chance to do one). The bottom-right box contains my garment steamer, which I've yet to actually use.

After: Less Mess! (with Luna)
I moved the cabinet to the back wall here and re-attached the drawer front! It now holds my items for mending (all neatly bagged) and some of my fabric. The photographs and tripod have been moved so they're less in the way and a couple of those boxes were actually empty so I was able to decant my recent ceramic finds into them. Yes, all those boxes contain stock. I also managed to clear the table which will now be used to photograph and pack items and inevitably give the cats somewhere to sit and watch the world go by.

So there you have it. Now you see I wasn't exaggerating when I said I had a room full of stock and why I have to get on with selling the damn stuff! At this point I'm just collecting stuff I don't want. At least I can get to it all now. When A gets back, he's here for three weeks, so that should give us time to get some of this stuff photographed and ready for selling.

I'm linking this to Ta-Da Tuesday on Lakota's amazing blog.

Nikki x


  1. Wow, Herculean task or what?! Never mind being impressed at your tidy-up, I am certainly jealous of your space! I work off my lap on the sofa :(

    I collect coloured 60s bud vases myself, mainly cos I know I can identify them and because they're so pretty on a windowsill.

    Thanks for linking up xx

    1. Thank you :)
      A gets stressed if there's too much clutter about, so we knew we'd need an extra room for all my stuff that we could just close the door on, so that's how I ended up with most of a room to myself. It's only a two bed flat mind, so this is what would be the second bedroom.

      I think it's the fact that glass doesn't tend to have a maker's mark that gets me. It's definitely an area I need to improve my knowledge in.

      Nikki x

  2. I've got a downstairs loo filled with ebay crapola. Fortunately we don't use that loo anyway as it pre-dates the discovery of hygiene and there's no sink in there. But we are in danger of an avalalanche every time the door is opened! Your space is much more sensible!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it's not just me who lets things get out of hand. I tend to like those kinds of crammed cupboards and spaces because you know there's definitely something in there that you've forgotten you had and you'll be made up when you come across it again. I love when that happens :)

      Nikki x

  3. What a fab tidy-up, I'd love a rummage in there! How many Ladybird books? Goodness me! I work from a small room off the lounge, it was originally a garage but we put a glass roof on it and knocked a doorway through into the house. It's a terrible mess and the cats love climbing up rails and causing chaos!
    Hope you manage to shift it all very soon! x

    1. Thanks - if you're ever in Liverpool you'd be welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and a rummage :)

      I'm always on the lookout for Ladybirds - they're my favourite thing to sell - the illustrations are so beautiful. Plus they're easy to spot and pick up.

      I'm curious as to what everyone's work spaces look like now too.

      Nikki x