Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday Treasure Hunting

Just a little Tuesday Treasure Hunt this week - I only went to the Charity shops nearest our home and I didn't get masses.

1980s St Michael Blouses

Close up of the patterns

First up are these 80s blouses. By now you'll have noticed that I'm not really a fan of the eighties fashion-wise, so funnily enough I bought these to sell. They look quite 40s-inspired to me.

Grindley Petalware Coffee Set
I also picked up this beautiful coffee set by Grindley (which had been reduced that morning - hurrah!). This is only part of the set - there are another 5 coffee cups and saucers. Isn't it pretty? I know I've already got a few pieces somewhere - plates I think. There are a few similar sets out there by different makers in very nearly the same blue from the same era - Meakin's Glamour in the 'Celeste' colourway is one and I have a set of coffee cups and saucers in that. The other maker is Johnson Brothers. I have examples of each, so I can do a post comparing them when I dig them out.

The backstamp for all you ceramics geeks!
'Lupin' is the name of the colour and 'Petal' refers to the shape or design. I've only looked it over briefly but it seems in really good condition and I'm quite tempted to keep it... hrm...

Nikki x

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