Monday, 2 July 2012

Shopping Trip

Well, it's my first day off since I got paid, so I thought I'd go on a shopping trip into town. My first stop was Bullet on Hardman Street. I've not been in Bullet for ages -  I always forget about it to be honest because it's quite out of the main part of town. Anyway it's a decent shop that sells vintage clothes and some new clothing that I think is locally designed/ independent label. The vintage is mainly 60s-80s and pretty cheap. It's been open for years - I definitely remember going when I was about 14/15 when it was still called Bulletproof and sold items by weight. I remember my friend getting a lovely kimono dressing gown with an embroidered dragon on the back for dead cheap. I've only bought a few things there over the years I think. I used to pop in quite regularly when I did a course in the college up the road and now that I work fairly near, I'll definitely have to remember to keep nipping in. I didn't see anything I fancy this time though, but only because I'm so drawn to the 1950s at the moment I'm not giving much else a chance.

Next on to Lili Bizarre just further down the hill - lovely stuff but there was nothing new in, so I didn't get anything. I was going to go to Jumble People just near them on Pilgrim Street but they were shut, so I went on to Raiders but the stuff I tried on didn't fit (bah!). They do have some gorgeous stuff in though. 

Then I met up with A for a quick bite at lunch - we went to one of our favourite places, the Kasbah on Bold Street. We both love Morroccan food and this time we had bread and Hummus, Falafel and a tomato-y thing whose name I forget.

After, I went to Grand Central where I had more luck and got this lovely stuff from Curious Orange:

There's a sale on at Curious Orange and these were all reduced to £5 each - bargain! I just have to mention that these items had just come back from a fair and were fresh from giant bags, which is why they're creased - this is not what their stock is usually like! I tried a few more things on, including some fab 50s dresses, but they just didn't fit :( .
They have lots of 50s dresses in at the moment, as well as some fab vintage swimming costumes which are gorgeous but teeny.

I did go to a few other places, but didn't get any more clothes - except when I popped in to Accessorize I managed to score 2 pairs of my beloved 90 denier white tights which they randomly had in stock. Yay! I rely on these tights as they fit well and are brilliant white, not 'Winter White' (read beige) and I wear them pretty much every day with my 1950s dresses. Also, I got a few bits of makeup from Superdrug including a lovely new lippy by Bloom which is called Dusty Pink and was half price. Hurrah!

I hope you've done well recently too.

Nikki x

1950s Blouse - £5, Curious Orange
Detail of Blouse
This blouse is from Marks and Spencer and has the St Michael label. It needs a little bit of repair work, but nothing major. I've been after some 1950s blouses for a while but they're hard to come across. This one is sweet and fits really well too. 

1950s Skirt - £5, Curious Orange
Detail of Skirt
How cute is this skirt? It's homemade and doesn't have a label. It has little deer and trees on it, so I thought it might be a Christmas skirt but the colours aren't very festive. It needs re-hemming, so it's going straight into my mending pile too. My mending pile is huge, I really need to get on with it, but other things have taken priority recently.

Straw Bag - £5, Curious Orange
I love this bag, it's so unusual. I'd actually been eyeing it up for a while, but as it's not the most suitable bag for me I didn't think I'd get much use from it. But for £5 it had to come home with me!

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