Monday, 9 July 2012

More Shopping and an Auction Lot

I had to go into Town today to pick up those photographs from the auction house, so I went vintage shopping as well.

First I got this cute geometric dress from Pop Boutique on Bold Street:

1950s Dress - £30 from Pop Boutique
I do love a bold pattern... and stripes... and a big collar... and big buttons... and a matching belt.

Here's a close-up of the pattern

It's a little on the big size possibly, but I don't mind. It's also a bit creased from being in the bag all day - it wasn't like that in the shop.

1950s Illustrated Skirt - £28, Raiders Vintage
Next I popped into Raiders and got this gorgeous illustrated skirt - they'd only put it out today as well! I've wanted an illustrated 1950s piece for ages but didn't think I had much hope as they're rare and usually expensive. I thought this one was a tourist-y skirt of europe at first as I could have sworn I saw a gondola at one point, but when I started taking close-up pictures, it looks more like a Royal Tour.

This bit looks like a parade to me

Car and Ceremonial-Looking Guards

Disembarking a Plane

Ascending a Grand Staircase

What do you think? It does seem to reference or commemorate a specific occasion.

The Waistband

The skirt has faded a bit - you can see the difference on the waistband in this picture - but it's still lovely.

Vintage Apron - £5, Raiders Vintage
I also picked up this vintage apron in Raiders - I seem to be building a collection of them. It's not really intentional - it's just that aprons tend to have great examples of patterns and illustrations and are cheaper and easier to get hold of than clothes of a similar style. Plus this is adorable and was a fiver.

I love the bright snowflake pattern

The pockets are so sweet!

Next I went on to Grand Central to check out the vintage shops there and got really excited because a new one has opened up - Peelypops Vintage in the basement. Some excellent stock with a good mix of eras and a lovely lady at the helm. I recognised the name from some of the vintage fairs I've been to recently - definitely the stockport one, so I was glad to see they have a permanent base and I wish them luck.

Anyway I bought this fab blouse/top from them:

Vintage Blouse - £6, Peelypops Vintage
I'm not sure when to date it - it's made from lovely thick cotton and buttons up at the back -I'd guess 60s, maybe 50s.  There isn't a label, but It's been overlocked so won't be homemade. Whenever it dates from, it's ace and is a welcome addition to my vintage separates wardrobe!

Then I finally traipsed off to the auction house to pick up my winnings. Here are a couple of sneak peeks at the photos:

Studio Photos
These are all the studio photos from the lot. There are also lots of loose photographs and a photograph album along with a couple of letters.

There are also lots of photographs of family pets, of which this one is probably my favourite:

Such a happy-looking cat
I'm not sharing any more with you for the moment as these photos really deserve their own post(s) and, I will have to wait fot the Photographer to get back from London so he can help me take better pictures of them and do them justice.
That's all for now folks! Nighty Night.

Nikki x

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