Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lunchtime Vintage Haul

During my lunch break at work, I nipped out to Jumble People on Pilgrim Street to have a mooch. Everything bar one rail is still £5 - woohoo! They were a bit more organised than last time I was in and seemed to have a lot of new stock. They were also sorting more stock as I arrived, so I'll have to nip in again soon. There were cases of accessories on the floor to rummage through as well as a big 'Treasure Chest', so rummage I did.

I got 7 lovely vintage handkerchiefs:

Floral Sprig Embroidered Hanky

Cutwork and Embroidered Hanky
Detail of Cutwork

Floral Printed Hanky

Oval Floral Printed Hanky

Detail of Pattern

Embroidered Floral Hanky

Blue Floral Printed Hanky
This one still has it's little sticker label
Embroidered Hanky - Crepe maybe?

Close-up of the embroidery

I think the two all-over printed hankies date from the 1950s - they're both unused too - and the crepe hanky above is probably earlier. I'm not too good on dating hankies - it's not something I've ever looked into before. This month's Homes & Antiques Magazine has an article on vintage handkerchiefs and there are some gorgeous ones featured. They're one of those things that are probably quite easy to pick up cheaply in charity shops as not many people would know their worth and hankies aren't exactly everyday items for most people anymore. I think I'll frame the two printed ones and sell some. A couple have got little holes/flaws so I might make something with them.

Vintage Blouse - £5
I also got this lovely blouse which I think is from the 1950s. It has lovely cutwork detail and embroidery on the front.

Detail of the Cutwork
It's a really pretty little blouse and almost matches the cutwork hanky above. I'm trying to add blouses and tops to my wardrobe at the moment as I have quite a few vintage skirts but not many tops to go with them.

I also got this little beauty:

Vintage Ballgown - £5
The Label
I think it's a 1940s gown. It's great quality, weighs a ton, is boned at the bust and was made by Marshall and Snelgrove (now if that isn't the name of a Victorian Department Store I don't know what is). It is a bit damaged but for £5 I thought I'd display it or hang it on the wall. I wasn't planning to wear it anyway as I thought it was too small. It looked a bit sad and neglected and had obviously led a grand life before, so I took it home. When I got it home I gave it a quick measure because on second thoughts the bust looked quite accomodating but it did come up too small. I tried it on anyway on a whim and look!

 It only bloody fits! It is a little snug though and it's a good job that boobs are squashy :)

A Princess Dress
It's also really long on me too - I'm wearing my 1970s platforms (a post for another time) under this and it's still floor-length. Which made it fun to set the self-timer and dash to get in position as I was tripping over a lot. It's only a matter of luck these photos don't just show me on the floor with my leg at a funny angle crying with the pain. As I said it does have some war wounds - a couple of holes and such and it definitely needs a good clean. But for a fiver who cares? It's so much fun to swish about in and so pretty and made me all happy and giddy so it's worth the money. Also, because I'm such a short-arse I can take the hem up enough that the holes won't be visible. All I need now is some kind of occasion to wear it.

Whilst researching Marshall & Snelgrove, I came across this article by Vintage Chic, which I had read before but forgotten about.

You can see more examples of their labels at Vintage Fashion Guild's Label Resource. Looking at the pictures, I'd say my guess of 1940s was probably right, so I can feel extra smug now!

Nikki x

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