Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Little Things

A got back on Friday night and for the first time in a month we had two days off together - yesterday and today. It's been lovely to feel like we actually live together for once. We've spent most of the last two days sorting out all those faffy little things that needed doing such as buying a doorbell and new cat collars, tidying and re-stocking the kitchen (and somehow managing to spend around £100 on food), as well as eating delicious meals because A has missed cooking properly, watching films and also catching up with our families a little. I did do a tiny Tuesday Treasure Hunt but came home empty handed - this may never have happened before. We had a late night on Sunday as Luna decided not to come back in until 2am and A had to go looking for her - little monster!

I've also been doing a bit of mending and can now re-instate two of my favourite dresses to my wardrobe, whilst a couple more are ready to be finished off with the sewing machine when I can be bothered to dig it out. They needed their zips replacing and it's taken me ages to get around to buying the zips - one of the dresses has been out of action for at least two years and I think much longer so I'm really excited about wearing it again. The zip on the other dress broke more recently (in the last few months) and it was the first vintage dress I ever bought so I can't wait to wear that again either!

So, just little things really but it feels good to get them done. There have been other, bigger things happening but they're either not mine to talk about or not definite enough for me to talk about yet (one of which I'm very excited about but is so indefinite that I'm trying not to even get my hopes up).

I'm not really sure how to finish off this inconsequential little post, but I'll leave you with A's description of Joe Strummer's voice as told to me yesterday:

"It sounds like he's washed his mouth out with Bob Dylan"
Nighty night,

Nikki x


  1. Fixing dresses is always a good start! I spent a few hours yesterday altering things I'd been putting off for months! x

    1. Yeah I feel so much better for getting them done. I actually find hand-sewing quite therapeutic so I don't know why I put it off for so long.

      Nikki x

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