Friday, 20 July 2012

A Treasure from My Collection: Pride and Prejudice

Hello! I had something linedup to write about today but it kind of fell through. So I thought I'd share this amazing book from my collection with you instead:

1950s Edition of Pride and Prejudice
This is a 'Regent Classics' copy of Pride and Prejudice published by the Thames Publishing Company, London. I know it's in rubbish condition - the dust jacket is all tatty and it's foxed to buggery - but I love it! I love how you can tell it's from the 1950s just from the style of the illustrations. Seriously, look at Elizabeth - if you took away the ringlets in her hair and lowered the waistline on her dress a little she'd be straight out of a 1950s fashion illustration. Darcy looks quite like Rock Hudson and almost has a quiff!

Look at the colours used too - one of the many things I love about the 1950s is the desire to depict everything in such bright colours. I haven't managed to capture it very well, but on this cover Darcy is mainly dressed in pink - his breeches are a light mauve/pinky colour and his coat is practically fuschia! Compare that to the sombre colours he wears in any TV or film adaptation.

If you only had 1950s books to refer to (especially Ladybird Books), you'd be forgiven for thinking that all of history happened in glorious technicolour. Which of course is why I 'm so enamoured of them!

Nikki x


  1. What a pretty cover, it's a work of art!
    Being a child of the Sixties I grew up with Ladybird books! x

    1. It's ace isn't it. Ladybird books are amazing - I can't believe the detail they go into and the topics they cover. I don't think there's any real equivalent these days which is such a shame.

      Nikki x

  2. That's fabulous! What a find.
    I got a book the other week in a local Oxfam from 1953 called 'Glamour!', it's all about film stars, fashion and make-up and has a foreword by Marilyn Monroe. That had half the dust jacket turn off missing but I still had to get it x