Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday Treasure Hunting

Another Tuesday off and I knew I wanted to do some Treasure Hunting, but inspired by this article I came across, I thought I’d do a couple of charity shops I’d not been to in ages. Plus, I’ve still not been able to get hold of any vegan washing up liquid, so I thought I’d pay a visit to Windmill on Aigburth Road and do the two charity shops there.

First I went to the Livsa Charity Shop on Smithdown Road, and got a mini haul:

1970s Egg Cosies
These egg cosies are so cute, but with the Mister being vegan and me not liking boiled eggs, I'm going to find them a new home where they'll be appreciated :).

Come Hither, Nurse by Jane Grant
I couldn't resist the cover illustration on this book and picked it up to sell, but I think I'll give it a read first as it sounds quite interesting. It's about a trainee nurse's experiences so I'm guessing it will be similar to Call the Midwife (which I've still yet to read but I have seen the TV series).

I also got all these books:

Little Old Mrs Pepperpot by Alf Proysen
 I love the illustrations on older Puffin books, I think I've got more Mrs Pepperpot books somewhere too.

Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy and Illustrated by Rob Ryan
 I do love Rob Ryan's work, so this is to keep and I know he collects Vintage Ladybirds  because Design*Sponge did a Sneak Peek of his studio in 2009.

Cats by Christine Metcalf
I bought this book for the illustrations - they're quite odd. Here's an example:

Cat and Mouse Illustration
Slightly terrifying aren't they? Some of them are a bit kitschy too.

Ghostbusters II Ladybird Book

Lego Pirates: Captain Roger's Birthday Ladybird Book

Lego Pirates: Will and the Gold Chase Ladybird Book
He-Man: The Iron Master Ladybird Book

He-Man: A Trap for He-Man Ladybird Book

Pope John Paul II Ladybird Book
These Ladybird Books all date from the 1980s and are to sell. I'm seeing quite a lot of He-Man stuff recently and the Lego Pirates books have cropped up in a few different shops too. A loves Lego and the Pirates were his favourite. I'm reminded of the morals at the end of He-Man and She-Ra cartoons - I'll have to post a video of one I saw as an adult that surprised me.

The Trotter Way to Millions

Also, we've been watching our way through all of Only Fools and Horses online, so I couldn’t leave the book behind could I? So that’s for A.

Next I got the bus to Aigburth Road and went to Windmill first to get our washing up liquid - £1.66 for a litre re-fill of Bio-D – hoorah, now we can actually wash our dishes! Then I went to the Remar charity shop, which mostly sells furniture and I wasn’t going to go in, but as I passed the window I noticed they had an enormous amount of books in stock, so I popped back in to have a look. To be honest, there were too many to look through properly and not much space to do it in - I did go through the kids’ books, but there wasn’t anything there.

After that, I went to the Animal Rescue Charity Shop, which is one of those places that looks like it should have tons of treasure and I have had a few good things here before. This time I didn’t see much, they seemed to have got rid of quite a bit of their stock of kids’ books, which is what I usually did well with. I did get this vintage handbag though, but I’m not sure if it’s to keep or sell yet.

Vintage Handbag
I think I'm leaning towards sell on this one as I have to have a big bag and I think this would be to small for me.

'The Moving Toyshop' and 'Swan Song' by Edmund Crispin

Then I went back to Allerton Road and went to most of the charity shops there, missing my 3 least favourite ones. I didn’t get as much as I normally do, just these books, from the same series as some others I bought in the same shop recently and this sweet vintage necklace, which I’m definitely keeping :)

Glass Heart Necklace
Close up of the beads and clasp

Nikki x

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