Thursday, 21 June 2012

An Outing for my New Dress

Remember the lovely dress I said I wasn't sure I'd have much occasion to wear?

Well, tonight I had the perfect excuse to give it a debut - the Private View of Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings at Tate Liverpool. The painterly print of the dress looks quite Monet-ish in style so I thought I'd blend in quite well with the pictures.
I was a bit over-dressed perhaps, but I've never had so many compliments in my life! It was lovely - so many people  noted the similarity to the Monets and said what a great dress it was and how it fits me so well - I was beaming :).
I got ready in work and somehow actually managed to get my hair and make-up right first time (usually this takes ages, with lots of re-drawing of eyeliner), so I was really pleased.
However, I can't show you an outfit picture because we didn't have a camera (no photos allowed in the exhibition, so no point taking one) and I couldn't take one by myself when I got back home - rubbish!
Here's a detail from the dress:
1950s Dress, from Lili Bizarre
And here's a detail from The Water-Lily Pond:
The Water-Lily Pond by Claude Monet - Photo: Albertina, Vienna (via the Guardian website)
Not a million miles away, I think you'll agree. I'll have to recreate the outfit and post some photographs!
The exhibition, by the way was beautiful and I thoroughly recommend a visit - but for the love of god book first as it's likely to be busy.

Update: Managed to take a shot myself with the self-timer (looking snotty for some reason).

Dress - Lili Bizarre
Petticoat - from 686dianel on eBay
Worn with purple tights and black shoes which I've had for years

Nikki x

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