Saturday, 9 June 2012

Another Vintage Weekend - Part One

So today, finally was the eagerly awaited Vintage Fair at St George’s Hall in Liverpool. I got there just after it opened (and got a free copy of both Vintagexplorer and Antiquexplorer magazines - yay!) and headed straight for Bea’s stall which was mostly vintage from her own collection and predominantly 1950s. I’d overheard her when I was at the Speke fair talking about having a stall at St George’s to clear out some of her own stuff and judging by the way she was dressed I knew I couldn’t miss it. Her stock was beautiful – if that is what she’s getting rid of, what on earth is her wardrobe like? I tried a few dresses on, but unfortunately they were a bit on the small side so I had to leave them. I didn’t see much to take my eye in the rest of the fair clothes-wise – although the standard was high I just didn’t see anything I loved or was the right size etc. It’s always the way isn’t it – when you’ve got money you don’t see much you want, but when you’re skint you see loads.

Anyway, here’s what I did get:

Green Spotty Gloves - £5
How cute are these? I love green, It's one of my favourite colours!

1950s Tablecloth -£12
I love this, but it was a bit of an impulse buy as I was reminded of a lovely 50s tablecloth I chose not to buy once and have regretted since.

The Gloves and the tablecloth were from the same stall and the stallholder said I could have both for £15. I didn't get her name or business card but she was lovely - she's the lady in this photo.

1950s Red Velvet Coat - £15

I've been after a 1950s coat for a while so bought this, but I'm not sure it looks like an everyday coat. I think it's great though.
Blur Spotty Scarf - £3

I can't resist spotty things and I do love scarves although I don't wear them often.

1950s Apron - £5

Close-up of the Flower Carts
This apron was just too cute to leave behind, I've already got a couple of vintage aprons - they always have great patterns and designs.

Cat Postcard

How creepy-awful is this? It's not in the best condition, I'm pretty sure it's missing something at the neck - probably a bow or ribbon - but how could I possibly leave it behind?

The coat, apron, scarf and postcard were all from the same stall, which didn't seem to have a name and I forgot to ask. Again, the stallholder was lovely and threw in the postcard free. Hurrah!

I didn’t get the names of the stalls unfortunately and I didn’t take a camera, but there are plenty of pictures on their Facebook Page. I’m even in a couple but you can’t see my face – I’m the girl in the tweedy coat (which is from the 1970s). I'll definitely be back to this fair again, hopefully I'll get more things next time :)

Nikki x

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