Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another Tiny Tuesday Treasure Hunt

Today was supposed to be a day of "getting stuff done" but it hasn't really turned out like that. I eventually dragged myself out of bed and went to the supermarket to get some food in, when I bumped into A's mum, who was there shopping with his nan. We then met up with his dad and went for a pub lunch together, which was lovely. After they dropped me back home, I realised A had overdue Library books, so I took those back and on the way home stopped at the three closest charity shops to our home.

I got another of these Gervase Fenn books - I don't know why the charity shop didn't put them all out at once! I've not read any yet but they sound right up my street. They're currently residing on our crime shelf (yes we have enough books to organise them by category!).

And I got this book because of it's mad cover:

The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths by Brain W. Aldiss
Doesn't it look odd? Unsurprisingly it's from the 1960s, it looks like a gig poster for a psychedelic band.
Mills and Boon Books - L-R: Sunflower Summer by Sue Peters, Who Rides the Tiger by Anne Mather and Sunset Country by Dorothy Cork

I couldn't resist the kitschy covers of these late 1970s Mills and Boon books - I think I'd quite like to get a whole bunch and make some sort of decorative wall feature out of them.

I also picked up these vintage children's books:

Coral Island by R. M. Ballantyne and Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore

Coral Island I got because I liked the cover and the little two-colour illustrations at the start of each chapter. I think it's from the 1960s or 70s.

Lorna Doone - I always pick up Bancroft Classics editions when I find them - I like their lurid covers and I've got quite a few now. This one is from 1974.

Birds of Northern Britain and Northern Europe - Vintage Ladybird Book

Birds of Northern Britain and Europe - of course I had to pick up this late 1970s Ladybird. I hardly ever leave vintage Ladybirds behind, I can't help it. Even if they're in poor condition, I buy them and think I'll do something with the illustrations - I just haven't worked out what yet. I keep meaning to frame some of them up but I can never find nice enough vintage frames.

Tetris Boardgame

I got this Tetris game too on a hunch/whim. I might play it with A if I ever decide to overturn the Boardgame Ban I placed on him at least 5 years ago. I had to do it - he's such a terrible winner!  I'm not a sore loser in any way, but if he wins he just goes on about it for ages and drives you mad, so in the end I refused to play any board/card games with him.  His sister says he's a bad loser too and apparently he has been known to eat Monopoly money in a fit of rage in his younger days. I do like boardgames though and they're cheap entertainment. I bought a Yahtzee set a few weeks ago, cos I know he loves Yahtzee, but we haven't played yet. We'll have to see....

Nikki x

Buried for Pleasure by Edmund Crispin

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