Monday, 14 May 2012

My Vintage Weekend Part 2

On the Sunday I convinced my Dad to take me to one of my favourite Car Boots (normally I'd be going with the Photographer but he's working away at the mo'). We got there for about 8:15 and there were loads more stalls than usual as it was such a lovely day. I love this particular car boot as there's so much variety - you get the House Clearance people, the Antiques Dealers, the Market Traders and the regular Car Booters just clearing out their stuff. The Photographer and I reckon you could fit your whole house out on the cheap if you so wished - there's always lots of furniture and we've even seen a bathroom sink! I've had some really good stuff from there and the best thing is if I can convince Himself to get out of bed that early on a Sunday, we can fit in a visit before I start work in the morning :).
Sweet Little Bird Tapestry - Blue Tits? £1

I didn't get masses - 3 books and a cute little tapestry to add to our gallery of kitsch on our stairs (known as the Salon de Shite).

Paint Book, The Old Woman and Her Pig and The Complete Book of Handicrafts

The vintage Ladybird and the Paint Book are to sell on and the Book of Handicrafts is to replace my own copy which got damaged. I think the paint book is from the 1930s and it's completely untouched.
"Poppies" from the Paint Book

Oh and my Dad bought me a pocket magnifying glass - handy for looking at maker's marks and the like.

After that, we went to my Mum and Dad's house to have some breakfast and after a bit I went up to the Vintage Fashion Fair at the Crowne Plaza in Speke. The hotel itself is a fab Art Deco building that used to be an airport and there's an old plane outside the entrance.

This is my favourite vintage fair as it has such good quality stuff and every era from Victorian to 1990s is covered. Also it had one or two stalls specialising in homeware, which seems to be a rarity in Liverpool, where people seem to focus on the clothes. It was £3 to get in and I wasn't disappointed (although I did note quite a few modern labels such as Monsoon dresses and once even an Atmosphere label!). I came home with two 1950s dresses - one for everyday wear and a beautiful cocktail dress which will be perfect for our friends' wedding and a fab Tina-esque print from the 1960s (I think). I'm sure I would have come home with a lot more had money been no object, but as it was I spent all my budget.

Anyway, here's what I got:
1950s Cocktail Dress - £58 from Vanessa's Vintage
It's so pretty!

This dress is lovely quality and pretty heavy, it's lined with a stiff starchy muslin-y fabric which acts as a kind of petticoat I guess, but doesn't add much volume. There's also some lovely pleating detail to the back which I've not shown. It fits perfectly too. This is the most I've ever spent on a dress, or any clothes really, but it is for A's best friend's wedding, where he will be best man, so I did think it was worth spending a bit more.
1950s Day Dress, £25 from Garbo Antiques
How sweet is the pattern?

I love this dress, it's so cute and is in really good condition - £25 is a bargain! It's a little shorter than my other dresses though as it sits just above the knee. I love the pattern, I think it's quite unusual - definitely a Summer dress I reckon.

Aaaaand finally the print, which is actually called Nina:

Nina by Van der Syde - £25 from Anne Clementson Decorative Arts

 She's a little damaged as you can see, but I'm not bothered, she's still amazing!

Hope you got some great things this weekend too,

Nikki x

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