Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Vintage Weekend Part 1

Well hello!

I'm Nikki, I live in not-so-sunny Liverpool with my partner A and our naughty little kitties - Juno and Luna - and I'm quite obsessed with vintage clothes and objects. It's taken me absolutely ages to work up the courage to start this blog and I do hope you enjoy it.

This weekend I have been to 3 Vintage Fairs, one Car Boot Fair and a Jumble Sale. I also managed to fit in visits to 9 Charity Shops and 5 Vintage Shops. Phew! No wonder I feel a bit knackered.

Normally I work weekends, but I took this one off as one of my favourite vintage fairs was happening on the Sunday and I quite fancied checking out the Jumble Sale on Saturday. Finding out there were two vintage fairs on in Town on the Saturday was a bit of a bonus.

So, on Saturday morning I raided our joint money tin for change, very optimistically packed 3 fold-away bags to carry my Treasure in and set off for the local Jumble Sale. I've been to this one only a couple of times before - it's not very frequent or well-advertised and I've usually been working when it's been on. I once got 10 vintage jumpers for £3.00 - some of which I wear quite a bit - so I was quite looking forward to it. Especially when I think of all the Vintage Treasures I've seen bloggers find when they've been to Jumbles and Car Bootys and the like. I mean one girl's Old Lady Dress is another's Original 40s Dream Tea Dress, yes?

Anyway, it was not to be - I came home with the grand total of 4 books (3 of which I will sell on), I'm keeping the Agatha Christie one. They weren't exactly amazing finds, but I wanted to come home with something. Don't get me wrong, all the stuff for sale was still super-cheap, and there were lots of bargains to be had, but it was all too new for me.

Jumble Sale Books

Next, I popped (that originally read 'pooped' - I must be tired) home to drop off my haul (humph!), had a bite to eat and got the bus into Town. First I went to the 'Not Just Vintage Fair' organised by Memory Lane Fairs . This is a new weekly event on Saturdays at Bumper on Hardman Street selling Vintage and Crafts etc. I've had a Vintage Stall at one of their previous events and the organisers Kelly and Stu are lovely and really helpful - their stall rates are really cheap as well. There were only a few stalls there - 8 or 10 maybe, with only one vintage clothing stall. They did say they'd normally have more vintage stalls but they'd been let down and I know there's space downstairs for more stalls so it has the potential to be a lot bigger. I didn't stay long as I was really only there for the clothes. I've been to previous events of theirs where they've had great  vintage and antiques stalls and as I work just near there on a Saturday, it's handy for me to pop in on my lunch break. I did get a free goodie bag too :)

After that I went to 69A, the Antiques shop on Renshaw Street because I hadn't been for an absolute age! There's some vintage clothing, but it's mostly homeware and curios - the prices pretty good and there's some really unusual stuff. I didn't get anything this time though, but I did have fun looking - they had a couple of lovely Art Deco Teasets in too. Then I went to  Grand Central to check out the vintage shops there and got this fab 50s (I think) skirt from Total Recall Vintage as well as some seamed tights.

By the way, I'd like to apologise for the awful wallpaper in these pictures - we rent our flat and are not responsible for its decor. We're actually going to ask if we can redecorate as it upsets us so much :)
1950s? Skirt - £12, Total Recall Vintage
I also popped into Raiders Vintage and the Red Cross Charity Shop next door, but came out empty handed, although there are a couple of dresses in Raiders that I might get when I next get paid. Then I nipped into the Oxfam and British Heart Foundation Shops on Bold Street on my way to...

...the UK's Big Vintage & Fashion Fair at the Bluecoat. This is quite a big fair which runs once a month, although the dates don't seem to be regular. I got in free - something to do with me being by myself and the girl at the entrance having a spare voucher or something, which is brilliant because I've just found out that the tickets are £4! I didn't get anything, I found most of the clothing to be much later than the decades my tastes lean to. Most of it seemed to be from the 80s, which is fine if you like that sort of thing and clearly lots of people do. There were a couple of fab accessory and jewellery stalls (one of which was The Memory Box), but I didn't find anything to take my fancy. I'm not sure I'll be back in a hurry, but there was a lot there, the prices seemed pretty good, there was a good atmosphere and it was busy customer-wise.

My last stop was Pop Boutique on Whitechapel where I tried on a dress for a wedding I'm going to, but it was a funny fit and I don't think the colour suited me. There were a couple of other 50s dresses but they were too small - I think I cleared them out when I was there last week :)

I caught the bus home and got off a couple of stops early so I could check out some of the Charity Shops. I got some books and a pair of vintage crochet gloves. Then I went home and vegged out! I know I did a lot, but I don't get many weekends off and I wanted to cram as much vintage-type stuff in as possible.

This has turned out to be quite an ambitious first post, so I think I'll leave it at that and tell you about Sunday tomorrow - I'm off to bed. Nighty night

Nikki x

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