Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Lovely New Dress

Luckily I work near one of my favourite sources of vintage clothing - Lili Bizarre on Hardman Street. It's actually a fancy dress shop but they have a few rails of vintage clothing in stock, left over from when they had a vintage shop and once that's gone they won't get any more in. Their vintage stock is lovely with some really good quality and unusual pieces. The staff are wonderful and very friendly and helpful too.

New Dress! From Lili Bizarre, £45
Working so close to them means I can pop in on my lunch break, much to the detriment or my purse. Today I picked up this beautiful 1950s dress that I'm sure must have been expensive when it was originally made - the quality is great. You can probably tell from the picture above that it's quite structured - the skirt is actually interfaced with another fabric to stiffen it a little. You can also see by the straining at the bodice (I've come over all Mills and Boon there) that it's quite a heavy dress too.

Close up of the print
I've only ever seen this style of print on dresses online and even then not many, so I know they're not common and I was really pleased to find one for myself. I love the painterly print and the unusual colours and of course the great big bow which makes me think of it as quite princess-y.

Close-up of the bow detail on the front

It's not an every day dress, so it's perhaps a bit of a frivolous purchase but my excuse is that quite a few of our friends seem to be getting married or having babies, so I'm sure we'll be invited somewhere I can wear it :)

Nikki x

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