Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lazing on A Sunday Afternoon

Today the Photographer and I went to the Car Boot together. It was almost as busy as last week, despite the morning being a bit chillier. We didn't get much, but I don't always mind that as it's good to browse and keep your eye in. We got a couple of vintage postcards - the Mister has a bit of a thing for old paintings of birds for some reason and I got the Rosetti postcard mainly because it's an old Tate postcard and we've both got or had connections to Tate. 

N.Z. Centennial 1840-1940 postcard - £1
The info on the back of the postcard reads:

Brown Kaka with sprays of RATA (Metrosideros florida).

Tate Rossetti postcard - £1
This one shows Ecce Ancilla Domini! (the Annunciation) by Rossetti, which is in the Tate collection. It's a bit damaged/foxed but I don't really care.

I also got a couple of books to sell - a 1970s Ladybird that's in good nick and a My Little Pony book - it's that 80s cartoon thing again!

Out in the Sun from the Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme
This dates from the 1970s and is in good condition, I've got quite a few more from this series in my Stock Room too.

Illustration from Out in the Sun
Ladybird illustrations are so vibrant - I love them!
My Little Pony Book
I couldn't leave this behind although I doubt it will make much. I was quite obsessed with My Little Pony and lots of people still are so vintage My Little Pony stuff tends to do well. Some of the original toys go for over £100 on eBay, so it's worth keeping an eye out.

When we got back we had pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast! (Nom nom nom.) The pancakes are vegan and come from (book) which is the Mister's favourite pancake recipe (and he's tried a few).

Then we watched a few things on iPlayer, went for a nap and went to see my mum and dad - just a nice lazy Sunday in preparation for my birthday day out tomorrow :)

Nikki x

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