Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dramatis Personae

It seems only right that I should give you a proper introduction to some of the main characters of my life. These are the people (and animals) who play a huge part in my life and who I am likely to mention often.

Nikki.............. A Vintage Collector

A.................... Her partner

Juno & Luna.... Their cats

An attempt at 60s Hair and Makeup

First up is myself - my name is Nikki and I've just turned 27. I have a (temporary) full-time job which I rather enjoy, where I'm lucky enough to be allowed (and encouraged) to wear my 1950s clothing. I will probably blog about where I work at some point as it is vintage-related. I love vintage clothing and homeware and collect both as much as my purse allows. I'm a vegetarian and have been for about 3 and a half years. I'm a rubbish cook but quite like baking and have a really sweet tooth! I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do with my life - I think I'd really enjoy being a vintage seller and eventually have my own shop/Vintage Department Store and I've got a room full of stock, but so far I've never worked up the courage to make a proper go of it. This blog is a part of my plan to change all that and I'm also going to start an Etsy shop as well as start doing stalls at vintage fairs regularly later in the year when I'm not working weekends.

I'd quite like to get back in touch with my crafty side too - my degree was in Crafts-related, focusing on Ceramics and I love working with textiles too, but it's something I really let slip when I finished uni and I've not really made much since. I do have hippy-dippy type leanings too, but I'm not likely to talk about them much here.

I lack confidence and can be quite shy, so this blog is a pretty big step for me (or will be if I ever get up the guts to actually make it public :s ). I've wanted to start one for over two years as I do enjoy writing and I read and love so many other blogs. Quite a few friends have also suggested I write one too. So many times in my life people have told me I have the talent to do things, I just need more confidence, so I'm trying hard not to be so frightened and just try things (eek!). I have a good feeling about this though, which helps a lot. I also hate having my photograph taken!

Next is my partner - A, who will be mentioned often but you'll probably never see a picture of him. He'd rather not be named either, so will henceforth be referred to as 'A', 'The Photographer', 'The Mister', 'Himself' etc. We've been together for over 10 years - since we were 16 - and we live together. His degree was in Photography, but at the moment he does other things to bring in money or 'nom tickets' as he likes to call it and unfortunately works away quite often. He is a vegan and makes amazing food. I am quite spoiled as he does all the cooking, but to be fair, my cooking skills are so poor in comparison and he does enjoy it. He's not as good at baking though (by his own admission), so I tend to do all that. A's not remotely interested in vintage, apart from acquiring hideous things for the walls which he really has a talent for. He does like pootling around Car Boots and Charity Shops though and he tries to buy nearly all of his clothing second hand (socks and undies being the obvious exception here).  He drives and I don't, so he's the one who ferries us about to aforementioned Car Boots and Charity Shops. A is also wonderful at DIY and fixing/making things and even the ugliest of our pictures are expertly hung to gallery standards.
Juno & Luna - sorry this is a bit blurry, but this is the best photo I have of them together

Juno and Luna - our female cats, who've been living with us for 5 months and who we absolutely adore - also collectively known as the Puddies, the Kittens, the Kitties, the Monsters, the Beautifuls, the Fluffins, the Roamin' Goddesses etc. We got them from a rescue after Christmas last year. We've always said that 'The cat chooses the Wizard Owner', so after much waving of looking at cats we realised that these two were the friendliest in the rescue - they were rubbing up against our legs immediately and Luna even licked A! I'd had a funny feeling that we'd know we had the right cat if it gave us a lick as that's what our first cat had done, so we took it as a sign and took them home.  They came to the rescue after being kicked outside when Juno got pregnant with another litter (two timid little 14-week old boys also at the rescue who just hid). We went through loads of names, I really liked Luna but A didn't want to use Harry Potter names. A liked the name Juno after the film -the main character is named after the Roman mother goddess, which suited our Juno as she's the mother cat - so I wangled Luna for the other cat as it's another Roman Goddess name and we could pretend it was all very high brow. Also these two are omnipresent :) Our first cat together was called Penelope (hence Penelope Cat Vintage) and she was also a friendly black and white cat so it was nice to carry on the names from ancient myth theme too.

Juno Asleep - awww

Juno - also known as Juno Darling, Junington, Sweetheart, Fluffin, Sausage, StripeyFace etc. Juno is about 2 and a half and she is Luna's mum. She's quieter than Luna and a bit more wary around visitors, but she's more confident than Luna outdoors and will jump higher and explore further. She has that wonderful stripe down her nose which I think makes her eyes look bigger and makes her look quite startled and even owl-like sometimes. She's very affectionate, but has only just started sitting on the couch and can now occasionally be coaxed to spend a few minutes on a lap - although neither of them are lap cats to be honest. She purrs like mad a couple of seconds after you stroke her and she will just go on and on and on and she always waits on the stairs to greet us as we come in and rub up against us, whereas Luna will just run out of the flat door to sniff the outside door. She's more sensible than Luna, but does have occasional outbursts of mental and has been known to climb wallpaper and jump out of upstairs windows (luckily there's a slopey roof underneath them, so it's not far). She's quite feisty too and often stands up to the great big cat from up the road when he comes onto their patch. Juno is quite gentle and delicate when she plays, but can tear about like a demon when the mood takes her.

Luna - you can tell the Photographer took this!
Luna Asleep - cute but ridiculous

Luna - also known as Loony, Loonington, Luna Loony Lovegood, Loony Petuney, Fluffybottom, Oi! Stop that, Stripeybum etc. She's just over a year old, is definitely the naughtier of the two and is a fluffy little ball of bonkers. She is a lean little thing with a breastbone like a knife edge, despite being a greedy guts. She's louder and noisier and more active, she's also a bit of a nuisance but we do love her. She's a licker and for some reason enjoys licking feet and legs especially (weird). She'll try to eat anything once, if not twice (I saw her eat a tiny bit toilet paper off the roll recently, then do it again straight after just to make sure). She loves water to and always tries to play with the bathroom tap - she's even jumped in the bath a couple of times, which she didn't enjoy at all. She's daft and seems to lack sense, as well as having no sense of balance. She's always rubbing up against our legs and I couldn't tell you how often we trip over her on a daily basis. Anything is a toy and she cannot resist a wriggly piece of string or a pen - she loves pens! As I write she's playing with my lip balm that she's just knocked off the table, she's having a whale of a time. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'd love to come back as a cat in my next life - it seems like such a good life.

Nikki x

PS I've just checked the Rescue's website and it looks like Juno's other kittens are still there - I really thought they'd have been re-homed by now! They're called Luke and Yoda (Juno and Luna were called Princess and Leia whilst at the Rescue) and one has the same nose stripe as Juno. If they're anything like these two, they'll be the most loving cats, I really hope they (and the other cats of course) get the wonderful home they deserve.

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