Saturday, 19 May 2012

Deja Vu

This is starting to get a bit creepy...

When out Charity-Shopping (or Treasure-Hunting as I like to call it) do you ever get a sense of déjà vu - that the same items keep appearing in the shops you visit? I'm not talking about things like the Primark clothes that make their way into every charity shop, or a recent best-seller, as it's fairly obvious why they've been donated - I mean those other items that have no reason to be so abundant, but seem to be a constant presence in most of the shops you visit.

I usually refer to this as "being followed" and currently I am being followed by clothing from Eastex, Bill Bryson's books (not a problem as both the Mister and I love him and we've managed to get nearly all of them for super-cheap) and most prevalently the books Alias Grace and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. I've read both books and enjoyed them, so maybe I'm more likely to notice them, but does that really explain why I've seen them in nearly all of the 15 or so charity shops I've visited recently? There were even two Alias Graces in the same shop!

Our Bill Bryson Books - 20-50p each - bargain!

It does seem to go in trends too - previously I have been followed by souvenirs from Portugal, weird ugly pottery tankards, the one exact same jacket (I saw it at least 4 times and I was always drawn to it because it looked a bit herring-bone tweed-y but on closer inspection it was weird polyester stuff) and last summer I couldn't go anywhere without seeing at least one Pierrot!

I'd quite like to know why I'm not seeing things I'd love to own all the time - where are all the Tretchikoff Prints, Midwinter ceramics, vintage Ladybird books and gorgeous 50s dresses for pennies hey?

Please tell me if you've ever had a similar experience, I'd love to know what items have stalked you whilst thrifting.

Nikki x

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