Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Dangers of Wearing Vintage Alone or Random Vintage Tip Number 1

Twice in the last few days I have managed to get stuck in two different dresses! The first time was at the Vintage fair at Speke whilst I was trying a dress on and the second was earlier this evening when I was changing. On both occassions it was my own dress I got stuck in and on both occassions it was the fault of the zip being jammed.

Luckily I managed to free myself, but when it happened today I was actually considering ringing someone to rescue me (the Mister is still away). As it was I nearly pulled my arm muscles - side zips you see, a bugger to get to. They jammed because the zip fabric got caught in the teeth so I have decided to take evasive action and I'm going to sew the zip fabric to the seams on all my dresses to avoid it happening again and causing damage to my dress/me to panic.

Just a tip in case the same thing happens to you!

Nikki x

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